Медицинская техника идля мембранного плазмафереза ТРЕКПОР ТЕХНОЛОДЖИ, оборудование для плазмафереза, оборудование для мембранного плазмафереза.

Production of medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration

Equipment for plasmapheresis, equipment for membrane plasmapheresis.

One of the main priorities in realization of the national Health Project in the healthcare system is providing the population with available highly technological and high quality medical services. Equipment for membrane plasmapheresis manufactured by TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC allows providing medical help to patients in clinical and community settings. Technology and equipment for membrane plasmapheresis have proven themselves in medical practice in hospitals all across Russia, CIS and other counties.

Use of our medical equipment leads to reducing the time of stationary treatment of patients and allows for good therapeutic results. All this leads to us to claim with conviction that large-scale equipping of clinics with our devices medical plasmapheresis will help save tens of thousands of human lives, ease the pain of thousands of patients and speed up their recovery, also helping healthy and strong children be born.

Supplying medical tech to medical facilities

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY SJCS supplies its devices and filters for membrane plasmapheresis, developed with domestic high-tech eqiuipment apllying newest technologies to the process, to medcial facilities of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, community and private clinics. Supply of HEMOFENIX devices and ROSA filters helps reduct the cost of plasmapheresis procedures to half the size with quality being as high as with imported analogues. Introduction of domestic equipment for membrane plasmapheresis makes highly technological medical procedure of blood purification available to a large number of patients. This makes developments of TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC socially important.


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