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ТРЕКПОР ТЕХНОЛОДЖИ - лидер российского рынка медицинской техники, созданной на основе трековых мембран

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC is the leader in the market of medical equipment based on track-etched membrane

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY is a high-tech rapidly expanding company established 1998. Today our company is the leader in the market of medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis based on track-etched membrane.

Currently the company provides full cycle of production from development to manufacture of equipment and consumables for procedures of membrane plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration. We monitor and update our standards to current technical progress and consumer demand keeping quality of our products high which allows TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC to be a successful competitor to manufacturers of equipment in the Russian and foreign market.

Main business areas of the company

Main business areas of the company are:

  • Manufacture of and equipping clinics with new generation medical equipment helping make methods of efferent therapy available for treatment of over 200 diseases;
  • Increasing of effectiveness of medical treatment of patients;
  • Timely supply of consumable materials for membrane plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration procedures;
  • Help in preparing medical specialists, training in the use of equipment; warranty services and maintenance of equipment.

 Product consumers:

  • Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Russia;
  • Russian Ministry of Defense;
  • Russian Emergency Situations Ministry;
  • Federal medical and Biological Agency of Russia;
  • All-Russian Emergency medicine Center “Protection”;
  • Federal Agency for National Emergency Reserve (RUSREZERV);
  • Russian Ministry of Home Affairs;
  • Russian Railroads OJSC 


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