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Becoming a dealer

If you have experience in supplying medical equipment in hospitals, experience of participating in tenders, quotes, if you have established connections with medical institutions in Russia and abroad, if you want to sell and distribute medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration manufactured by TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC, we offer long-term mutually beneficial partnership and a system of wide dealership support.

Contractual policy

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY purposefully developed a starting package of documents for participation in tenders, various types of supply contracts provide for easy and comfortable introduction to the dealership network.

Dealer discounts

TECHNOLOGY CJSC offers constant partners special dealership conditions including discounts giving an opportunity to have beneficial business based on acquisitions and supply of medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis to medical facilities. Dealer discounts provide a flexible instrument for promotion of our products in your market.

Information and marketing support

For successful conduct of business TACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC provides a dealer with their own manager as well as:

Technical support of acquired medical equipment

  • Instruction manuals for medical equipment are provided;
  • Technical and medical consultations in cases of difficulties with exploitation;
  • TACKPORE TECHNOLOGY CJSC organizes field seminars and training courses for doctors working with the equipment.

Become a dealer

If you are ready to expand your business or start a new successful one selling medical equipment for plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration – call us! You can also send a written request, and a TACKPORE TECHNOLOGY manager will contact you shortly. Please do not forget to state your region and contact references.