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Практикующим врачам

To medical practitioners

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY aims to create a database of medical practitioners working with plasmapheresis and having experience in corresponding procedures as well as able to consult patients. We are ready to make contracts on research and technical cooperation with active supporters of modern methods of hemocorrection.

What we wish to see in such cooperation:

  • Articles on plasmapheresis by practitioners and use of their names;
  • Participations in lectures and seminars on plasmapheresis organized by TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY;
  • Use of practitioners’ connections to promote methods of hemocorrection;
  • Placement of information materials in clinics, offices and universities. Use of our reference materials in work and education;
  • Joint publications of research and popularizing kind for mass media;
  • Promotion of books and advertisement (leaflets, brochures etc.);

Advantages of cooperation for clinics and doctors:

  • Promotion and advertisement for clinics by us inn mass medical including the Internet increases the number of clients, popularizes the clinic’s methods;
  • Information of the clinic and doctors is placed free of charge: site, press, advertisement;
  • A fair amount of materials provided by TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY is given free of charge for promotion among patients, colleagues, friends and acquintances.

Centers of efferent therapy

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY helps in creation (equipment and maintenance) of clinical centers of efferent therapy. We are ready to provide:

  • Devices for membrane plampaheresis;
  • Consumables for hemocorrection procedures;
  • Training for medical personnel;
  • Post-warranty maintenance of supplied equipment.


  • Timely supply of medical equipment for plasmapheresis;
  • Supply of methodical literature;
  • Cooperation in creating a full set of specially selected medical and support equipment;
  • High level of comfort for patients during procedures.