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Фильтрация плазмы

Blood plasma filtration

Many diseases demand extracting hazardous substances causing disorder in organism. Plasmapheresis is a procedure of purification of blood and organism as a whole. Effectivenes of plasmaphersis is also proven for various kinds of acute and non-treatable autoimmune diseases in various field of medicine.

Efferent medicine

Plasmafilters and devices for membrane plasmapheresis manufactured by TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY are instruments of efferent medicine. It is based on purification of human blood of poisonous substances which accumulate in our organisms during our lifetime, of dangerous bacteria, microbes causing mass diseases. Efferent medicine helps in treatment of of over 200 diseases such as allergic and autoimmune diseases, chronic hepatitis, diabetes etc., in the removal of toxicity in pregnant women, eliminating consequences of drug and alcohol use and simply in blood purification of toxins which postpones the aging process.

Blood purification – Plasmapheresis

is a method of efferent therapy based on removal of the liquid part of blood – plasma containing hazardous elements, toxins and viruses. Patient’s blood is put through membrane plasmafilter for separation of plasma and erythrocyte mass. Plasma is separated from cellular elements and extracted together with toxins and pathological elements, whereas cellular elements are returned to the patients. The advantage of plasmapheresis when compared to medicated treatment is full absence of addiction and side effects.

    Cascade filtration of blood

    Unlike medical plasmapheresis in which with autoimmune factors is extracted from the organism and disposed of, plasma taken by a device of cascade plasmapheresis is directed to the secondary filter. At this stage, unlike regular plasmapheresis, plasma is selectively purified of hazardous components. Purified plasma is returned to the patient.

    The main purpose of cascade plasmapheresis is fighting atherosclerosis causing myocardial infarction, stroke and other serious cardiovascular diseases. Cascade filtration plasma is also the basis of other methods of efferent therapy. Cascade filtration is also used in several methods of treatment including LDL-aphaeresis, or removal of low density lipoproteins using filtration technology. At the second stage plasma filtered during the first stage is put through columns with sorbents.

    Today TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY is a leader in manufacture and realization of devices and plasmafilters for membrane plasmapheresis and is capable of providing full cycle of manufacture of equipment and consumables, has its own production base. Keeping in check with modern technical advances and consumer demand along with high quality of products allowed TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY to be a successful competitor to leading foreign medical equipment manufacturers.