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Научно-производственный комплекс "БЕТА"

BETA Research and Production complex

In partnership with the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO), TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY is building a Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type "Dubna" (SEZ "Dubna") of domestic high-tech production for serial production of track-etched nano membrane, as well as production of innovative medical equipment for cascade filtration of plasma: cascade plasmafilters and devices for cascade filtering of blood plasma.

BETA Research and Production Complex" (BETA RPC) will have the newest acceleration complex (cyclotrone) based on a source of ions of crypton and xenon developed by scientists of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR).Циклотрон НПК Бета

Creation of a full cycle technological complex conforms to all requirements of Russian and international norms for medical equipment and quality standards allowing for industrial production of ultra-filtering track-etched membranes with pore diameter within the nano range of 20 – 100 nanometers.

The main purpose of cascade plasma filtration is fighting atherosclerosis which causes myocardial infarction, stroke and other serious cardiovascular diseases, constituting, according to Health Ministry of Russia, 57% of total mortality rate. According to Rosstat, each year in Russia cardiovascular diseases kill more than a million people.

Creation of BETA high-tech Research and Production Complex for creation of cascade nanofilters and devices for cascade plasma filtration will help save tens of thousands of lives, ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of patients and speed up their recovery as well as help healthy children be born.

Features of the project can easily be seen:

  • Starting with the idea of membrane blood filtration ( no one in the world has done any serious work previously, only Russia had developments of the Soviet scientists, a unique database and experience for such a task);
  • A team o specialists on every stage of realization of the project (prof. Voinov, prof. Mchedeshvili, prof. Apel and many others);
  • Companies involved in the project JINR, Institute of Crystallography, Mendeleev Institute, Institute of General Physics of Academy of Sciences of Russia, Corporation of Nanotechnologies RUSNANO);
  • Goals and tasks of the company reaching state-levels.

In July 2010, according to the developed schedule, the company started construction of BETA RPC on the right-bank site of SEZ Dubna. The complex is expected to be commissioned in 2015.

НПК БетаConstruction of BETA RPC is a continuation of TRACKPORE’s program for creating high-tech domestic production of medical equipment based on nanomembrane for blood plasma filtration and connected therapy of a wide range of diseases by purifying blood of hazardous substances and toxins.