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Научно-производственный комплекс "АЛЬФА"

ALPHA research and production complex

ALPHA Research and Production complex (RPC) was created for serial production of track-etched membrane and medical devices based on it: ROSA membrane plasmafilter and plasmapheresis device HEMOFENIX for subsequent plasmapheresis procedure. Another key purpose of the complex is R&D for perfecting the technology of production of medical track-etched membranes as well as development of new medical equipment based on nanomembrane for separation of proteins in the blood.  

To produce domestic filtration equipment together with scientists of Joint Institute for nuclear Research (JINR) TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY engineered and built first industrial cyclotron in Russia and first irradiation complex for production of track-etched membranes in the world. For the first time we created a unique establishment combining in a single cycle all technology from membrane manufacture to final product assembly in clean rooms. We developed, patented, certified and started serial production of «HEMOFENIX and ROSA for procedures of membrane plasmapheresis.

ALPHA Research and Production complex (ALPHA RPC) is unique in conforming to GMP standards as well as ISO 9001 and producing track-etched membranes (with pore diameter of 400 nanometers), and medical devices. Starting from 2002 ALPHA RPC provides serial production of HEMOFENIX and ROSA for membrane plasmapheresis, all technological operations for modernization of ROSA and developments of new types of medical equipment. Current capacity of ALPHA RPCS makes up 300 000 ROSA plasmafilters and1000 HEMOFENIX devices per annum.

Today we have good contacts with leading medical centers developing methods for performing medical and donor plasmapheresis. Active research continues to perfect membrane manufacturing technology and develop new medical devices for separation of proteins in the blood.

Creation of ALPHA RPC, and thus, the solution of scientific and technical, administrative, organizational and medical tasks for creating high-tech domestic production and subsequent mass production of medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis provided an opportunity to save thousands of lives each year, alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of patients and accelerate their recovery, and also helped healthy children be born.

TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY’s Research and Production complex ALPHA is an example of inclusion of fundamental science progress into applied tasks. The basis of the complex is the innovative technology of manufacture of track-etched membrane and filtering technology.